Petro Takes Action Against Colombian Insurer Amid Delay in Health Reform

Colombia’s Healthcare Reform Battles: President Petro Intervenes in EPS Sanitas

President Gustavo Petro’s administration in Colombia has announced plans to take control of one of the country’s largest private insurers, EPS Sanitas. This move comes as Petro faces challenges in Congress with his efforts to reform the health system. The intervention in EPS Sanitas, which serves 5.7 million users and is part of the health group Keralty SAS, is seen as a strategic move by the leftist leader and his officials, including Health Minister Guillermo Alonso Jaramillo, who have been vocal about their concerns regarding certain insurance companies.

Facing opposition to his attempts to transform Colombia’s conservative economic model, President Petro sees intervening in EPS Sanitas as a tactical escalation. Private health insurance workers in Bogota staged protests on November 27, 2023, amidst pushback from lawmakers and institutions. Despite this resistance, Petro’s government remains committed to making significant changes to the health system by intervening in EPS Sanitas. By doing so, they aim to further their efforts to overhaul the country’s healthcare infrastructure.

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