New Medical Academy Program launched by UW-Eau Claire and Mayo Clinic Health System offers innovative opportunities for students

Collaboration between Mayo Clinic Health System and UW-Eau Claire Brings Accessible Medical Education to Community

Mayo Clinic Health System and UW-Eau Claire have teamed up to offer an educational program on the medical field. This program is open to high school students, college students, working adults, and retired individuals who are interested in learning more about medical education and the classes involved. The program will be held over 6 consecutive Mondays at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, with each week covering a different topic and including interactive activities to give participants a taste of what medical school has to offer.

Dr. Timothy Young from Mayo Clinic emphasizes that the program is designed for individuals with no prior medical knowledge and will cover basic concepts to provide a starting point for all participants. While the program does not expect participants to become experts in any specific subject, it aims to help them gain a deeper understanding of the human body and its functions. With a number of students already signed up, the collaboration between UW-Eau Claire and Mayo Clinic Health System has provided numerous opportunities for students, including job shadowing, research opportunities, and more information on registration available on their website.

The program is set to begin on April 1st.

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