“Eliminating Gender Bias in Science is Essential for Harnessing Great Talent” – Guterres

Closing the Gender Divide in Science: Empowering Women and Girls through Education and Equality

According to a recent message, women and girls continue to face significant barriers and biases that prevent them from pursuing careers in science. Despite making up only one-third of the global scientific community, they receive less funding and underrepresentation compared to men. Moreover, they hold fewer senior positions in major universities. In some regions, women and girls have limited or no access to education, violating human rights.

The Secretary-General emphasizes the importance of women and girls participating equally in scientific discoveries and innovations for science to benefit everyone. To achieve this, he suggests addressing gender inequalities by overcoming stereotypes, promoting role models, developing programs that encourage advancements, and creating work environments that nurture women’s talents – especially those from minority groups.

This year’s International Day theme is “Closing the gender gap in science.” The goal is to tackle the root causes of gender-based inequalities in science. Recommendations from UNESCO’s Call for Action aim to address these issues. Additionally, the objective of Gender Equality (SDG 5) is to empower women and girls by eliminating discrimination and violence, harmful practices, and promoting gender equality and women’s participation in leadership. Globally, the aim is to ensure universal access to sexual and reproductive health care.

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