In January, Argentina’s inflation decreased due to lower sales compared to December

City of Buenos Aires Experiences a Slight Deceleration in Inflation Rate While Expert Predictions Diverge for National Level”.

On Wednesday, the INDEC is expected to release the inflation data for January. Based on expert predictions, the inflation rate is expected to range between 20% and 23%, which is lower than December’s 25.5%. The third week of the month saw a small deceleration in inflation.

The City of Buenos Aires has already released its data, showing an increase of 21.7% in January, which was the highest since the beginning of the statistical series in 2012. The index had an interannual variation of 238.5%. Inflation in Buenos Aires is typically aligned with the CPI at the national level.

Economist Rocío Bisang of EcoGo predicts that inflation for January will be around 21.2%. She notes that December’s increases had a drag on January’s inflation, particularly in areas such as health and transportation. Lorenzo Sigaut Gravina, director of Equilibra, also predicts a lower inflation rate for January compared to December, with an estimated rate of 22.5%.

The fall in purchasing power due to wages running behind prices played a role in slowing down inflation in January. Demand fell in various sectors such as cars, shopping malls, supermarkets, gasoline stations, and retail stores. Ferreres & Asociados predicts that the inflation rate for January will end close to 18% monthly with an interannual growth of 244.5%. Core inflation advanced at a monthly rate of 19.5%.

According to the first Market Expectations Survey (REM) from the Central Bank, economists participating in the survey calculated a monthly inflation of around 21.9% for January and estimates for February and yearly expectations were given as well with February’s estimate being around 18% and yearly estimate being around

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