Yellow River’s tallest hydroelectric power plant

China’s Largest Hydropower Plant Now Powering Millions: Advancements in Clean Energy Production and Transmission

On April 1, China Energy Group announced the opening of the first unit of the Maerdang hydropower plant in Qinghai province, northwest China. This is the country’s highest hydropower plant with the largest installed capacity in the Yellow River basin. The first unit has a capacity of 550,000 kW and is expected to produce 13.2 million kWh of clean electricity daily, meeting the electricity needs of over a million families.

The Maerdang hydropower plant is China Energy’s first integrated clean energy facility that combines hydropower, solar power and energy storage to benefit the electricity-starved eastern region of China. Once fully operational, this project will have a total installed capacity of 2.32 million kW and can produce over 7.3 billion kWh of electricity per year, significantly reducing consumption of standard coal and carbon dioxide emissions.

In addition to the hydropower plant, an ultra-high voltage transformer station was commissioned last September in Qinghai province to increase the power transmission network’s voltage. The smart substation is equipped with a drone system that intercepts unidentified drones and can transmit about 15 billion kWh of clean electricity per year. This project promotes water resource utilization and electricity development in the upper reaches of the Yellow River.

Overall, these developments represent significant advancements in clean energy production and transmission in China, benefiting millions of families and reducing carbon emissions.

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