China’s slowing economy pressures Xi Jinping to step back on the global stage

China’s Economic Future: Navigating Uncertainty and Embracing Renewables

The Covid pandemic has left a lasting impact on the Chinese economy, with low consumer and business confidence hindering the expected post-Covid recovery. Before the Communist Party stopped publishing figures last summer, over a fifth of young Chinese people were unemployed. Despite recent data showing a recovery in factory activity and Citi analysts upgrading their prediction for the economy to 5% growth this year, concerns persist about China’s slowdown and its future.

Amidst these challenges, there are still bright spots in China’s future, such as the growth of renewables. Chinese EVs are expected to capture a quarter of European sales this year. However, despite these positive signs, there remains uncertainty about China’s economic trajectory and its ability to overcome the middle-income trap.

Recent events have shown that China may be moving towards a more conciliatory approach to address its economic challenges and global pressures. President Xi’s visit to meet President Biden in San Francisco and their subsequent two-hour phone call have been interpreted as China’s move towards caution to ease external pressure on its economy. Xi has expressed his complaints about America’s sanctions hindering China’s progress in key technological areas such as semiconductors, AI, and renewables, as well as his objections to US support for Taiwan and the issue of TikTok.

In response to these challenges, there have been signs of a shift in China’s stance, with a decrease in aggressive rhetoric from Chinese officials, the removal of punitive trade barriers like the embargo on Australian wine, and renewed dialogue between the Chinese and American militaries. These developments could indicate that China is moving towards a more conciliatory approach by addressing its economic challenges and global pressures head-on.

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