The Chicago White Sox’s Rocky Beginning Resembles Recent World Series Winner’s Path

Chicago White Sox’s Early Struggles Resurrect Comparisons to 2021 World Series Winners Atlanta Braves

The Chicago White Sox began the 2024 season with a four-game losing streak. However, they bounced back with a win against the Atlanta Braves on Tuesday night. This victory allowed Chicago to compare themselves to the Braves’ performance in 2021, which led to a World Series win for Atlanta. After five games, the White Sox have 28 hits, 11 walks, six home runs, and a .329 slugging percentage at the plate. Meanwhile, their pitchers have allowed 11 walks, mirroring the Braves’ stats from the previous year.

Chicago aligning themselves with a successful team like Atlanta is promising since the Braves have been dominant in recent years, winning the NL East six seasons in a row. In contrast, the White Sox have only won the AL Central once in the last 15 years. While Tuesday’s win was encouraging, there are still 157 regular-season games left and Chicago currently sits at the bottom of the AL Central with little chance of making it into postseason according to FanGraphs.

If they lost their last game, they would have dropped to a record of zero wins and five losses – a position that no World Series champion has ever started from. Despite these low odds, history shows that teams like Atlanta can turn things around and give fans hope for a successful season. Most White Sox fans would be content with just having a winning record this year.

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