Chia Network to Sponsor Financial Times Business of Luxury Summit 2024

Chia Network: Sponsor and Thought Leader at Financial Times Business of Luxury Summit

Chia Network Inc., a prominent blockchain technology company founded by Bram Cohen, has recently announced its sponsorship of the Financial Times Business of Luxury Summit in Venice from May 19-21, 2024. The summit, which is now in its 20th year, will bring together industry leaders to discuss critical issues affecting the luxury industry, including authenticity, provenance, and proof of ownership.

In addition to Chia, other notable sponsors of the event include prominent brands such as Pernod Richard, Christie’s and Belmond. Chia’s Chief Operating Officer, Vishal Kapoor, will be participating in a private roundtable discussion with executives to address these important topics.

The summit will explore changes in the luxury industry and examine trends in innovation. Additionally, it will delve into economic and geopolitical uncertainty and the evolving demands of consumers. Speakers at the event will discuss the future of the luxury market and identify opportunities for growth and development.

Co-chaired by the editors of the Financial Times and How to Spend It (HTSI), this Business of Luxury Summit aims to provide valuable insights and strategies for navigating the challenges facing the luxury industry today. For more information on Chia Network and its blockchain-based solutions for secure transactions, asset provenance and workflow compliance visit their website at

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