Transforming the World: Embracing AAPI Heritage with Taylor Rapp and A.J. Epenesa

Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage: Rapp and Epenesa Share Their Cultures and Values

During Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month in May, Rapp and Epenesa proudly represent their cultures to teach others about their backgrounds and the values they hold dear. This month offers an opportunity to learn more about the cultures that make up this diverse group and recognize the significant contributions and influence that Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have had on history, culture, and achievements.

Epenesa speaks with pride about his Samoan roots, which he learned from his father. He values the morals and traditions that have been passed down through generations from his family. Rapp, on the other hand, learned about Chinese values from his mother and grandparents. He believes in being humble, kind, and a good person.

Both Rapp and Epenesa believe that their cultures have valuable lessons that can be applied to everyday life. They emphasize the importance of respect in their cultures, whether it be towards elders, strangers or those in higher or lower positions. They aim to embody these values in their daily lives while representing their cultures during this month-long celebration.

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