The inspiration for Michelle Janson to create the children’s book, “The ‘Tangles,” was two-fold: the culmination of her final 13 years as a college counselor and observations of her personal family’s technologies usage.

“During this time, I’ve observed quite a few of our kids and adolescents mastering each the beauty and dangers of technologies,” mentioned Janson, a counselor at Clay Middle College. “Though considerably very good comes with tech use, researchers have observed a main spike in device-connected mental well being and social issues inside the college, house and neighborhood. This is specially accurate in regard to social media use.”


As a college counselor, Janson has observed troubles with technologies usage and social media develop at an alarming price.

“So, my hope for the book was to address these expanding issues in a exclusive and non-judgmental way,” she mentioned.

The book follows a class field trip to Earth by students from outer space. In the course of their time on Earth, they discover that humans have been overtaken by a mysterious presence that appears to be ‘tangling’ their communication.

Janson began writing the book in 2016, mainly in the evenings and anytime she had cost-free time. She mentioned the purpose of “The ‘Tangles” is to create awareness and give viewpoint on how modern day technologies impacts human interaction.

‘The ‘Tangles’ explores the effect of technologies. (Image courtesy of Michelle Janson)

“Published investigation indicates our improved use of technologies can negatively effect our mental well being and social connections. With this in thoughts, the book is not to instill guilt or present technologies as becoming terrible,” Janson mentioned. “Instead, the main purpose is to merely help all of us in creating awareness and mindfulness with regards to how, when and why we are utilizing the quite a few technological devices that are readily available.”

Janson mentioned she has received constructive feedback on the book.

“People have been incredibly sort and supportive of the book as it has gradually rolled out, and I merely couldn’t be extra grateful. The book release came at a exclusive time, in January 2020,” Janson mentioned. “I launched a book that encouraged stepping back from technologies proper as the planet was obtaining prepared to shut down and take on an unprecedented level of technologies reliance. As the planet has steadily reopened, I am really humbled by the reality that individuals are seeing and sharing the book.”

“The ‘Tangles” is readily available at Barnes &amp Noble, Walmart and Amazon. A portion of the income will be donated to 1st Book, a nonprofit supplying equal access to high quality education for kids in will need by supplying books and other sources.

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