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In 2022, 64% of firms in California supplied wellness advantages to at least some of their staff. Sixty % of workers at these firms had been covered by their firm’s wellness advantages. Premium expenses are normally shared in between employers and workers.

California Employer Overall health Positive aspects: Expense Burden on Workers Varies presents information compiled from the 2022 KKF Employer Overall health Positive aspects Survey.

Essential findings from the survey incorporate:

  • Annual premiums for covered workers in California averaged $eight,083 for single coverage and $22,818 for family members coverage.
  • On typical, workers paid 15% of the price for single coverage ($1,167 annually) and 30% for family members coverage ($six,680 annually).
  • A single in 5 covered workers with family members coverage paid extra than half of the premium.
  • The typical deductible for covered workers with single coverage and a deductible was $1,464. Single coverage deductibles had been greater at firms with fewer than 200 workers than at bigger firms ($1,850 vs. $1,354).
  • Fewer covered workers in California had a deductible of $1,000 or extra than workers nationally (42% vs. 61%) in 2022. Nonetheless, practically one particular in 4 covered workers at little firms in California had a deductible of $two,000 or extra.

These supplies are component of CHCF’s California Overall health Care Almanac, an on the net clearinghouse for important information and analyses describing the state’s wellness care landscape. See our complete collection of present and previous editions of California Employer Overall health Positive aspects.

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