CLAIM: A proposed California bill would enable college mental well being pros to take away minors from the custody of their parents or guardians who do not consent to the youngster getting gender-affirming surgeries.

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. The legislation, AB 665, would amend an current law that makes it possible for minors 12 and older to obtain mental well being counseling or therapy with no parental consent. Presently, the law applies only to youth covered by private well being insurance coverage. It consists of no language that would enable college mental well being pros to take away young children from the custody of their parents or guardians. The bill does not authorize any gender-affirming surgeries with no parental consent.

THE Information: A social media post is misrepresenting a California bill that aims to expand access to mental well being solutions on an outpatient basis for youth amongst the ages of 12 and 17. Opponents of the bill claim that, if passed, it would enable mental well being pros to take away a minor from their parents’ custody or “provide ‘gender affirming’ surgery to young children with no parental consent.”

“If the bill becomes law young children who want to seek ‘gender affirming’ surgery who have parents that will not permit such mutilations, will be in a position to be removed from the custody of their parents,” reads the post on Instagram sharing the false claim.

A further section of the post falsely claims that a mental well being expert would be in a position to unilaterally spot a “child” in “a residential facility” with no any proof the “child” is a threat to themself or other people, or if the minor didn’t make allegations of abuse against a parent.

On the other hand, the bill does not authorize the state to take away minors from the custody of their parents, stated Assemblywoman Wendy Carrillo, the bill’s Democratic sponsor, in an e-mail. “This bill tends to make no alterations to the processes of the youngster welfare technique in California and no alterations to the processes of removal,” she explained.

Legal authorities agreed, telling The Linked Press that whilst it is correct the bill makes it possible for minors to seek mental well being solutions to go over gender identity with no parental consent, minors would nevertheless will need such consent for any health-related procedures.

The proposed measure, which is presently in the state Senate, amends current law about access to mental well being care for minors more than the age of 12 years old. The bill would enable young recipients of Medi-Cal, the state Medicaid plan that offers well being coverage to eligible low-earnings residents, to obtain mental well being solutions with no parental consent.

The existing law only applies to these with private well being insurance coverage and the proposed bill is written to incorporate Medi-Cal recipients. AB 665 does not adjust current law and would just amend SB 543, Carillo explained. The earlier legislation, which granted minors aged 12-17 the potential to access outpatient mental well being remedy, was signed in 2010 by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“AB 665 is about developing equity for Medi-Cal insured youth, who in contrast to their peers with private insurance coverage, had been left out of the original policy due to a recession,” Carrillo stated. “The state of California can’t continue to restrict access to essential mental healthcare solutions primarily based on socioeconomic background.”

The bill would also take away a requirement in the current law that to obtain mental well being solutions the youth have to be in danger or present a danger to other people, or that there be an allegation of abuse or incest. On the other hand, it notes that the mental well being provider is necessary to go over with the minor no matter if parental involvement is suitable.

The bill does not make any alterations in custody laws, stated Scott Altman, a loved ones law professor at the University of Southern California. “Allowing a counselor to supply counseling with no your consent is not taking your kid away.”

The identical social media post also alleges that beneath the proposed measure a mental well being expert could unilaterally take away a youth from the custody of their parents or guardians to a “residential facility.” But that is not the case.

Beneath current law, minors amongst the ages of 12 and 17 might seek residential shelter solutions, such as these provided at a licensed neighborhood care facility or crisis resolution center. In these situations, the law demands pros to “make their very best efforts to notify the parent or guardian.” The proposed measure does not adjust this provision and has nothing at all to do with custody, explained Mary Kelly Persyn, a loved ones lawyer and founder and principal lawyer of Persyn Law &amp Policy.

“Termination of parental rights, which includes custody (legal and/or physical), demands a court order, a proceeding in juvenile dependency court that is totally separate from a youngster getting care in a residential facility the two have nothing at all to do with every single other,” Persyn stated in an e-mail.

Legal authorities emphasized that whilst mental well being care could incorporate counseling connected to gender identity, the bill does not enable for any invasive health-related or surgical remedy. The bill would only apply to mental well being solutions such as counseling or mental well being therapists, who cannot prescribe medication, Persyn explained.

“California law demands parental consent for a minor to obtain health-related gender-affirming care in the type of puberty blockers or exogenous hormones,” she added.


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