New Study Reveals Agriculture Remains a Key Resource in the Local Economy of Zook – Cache Valley Daily

Cache County Executive David Zook Discusses the Importance of Accessibility and Responsiveness in Local Politics, New Economic Study Reveals Agriculture’s Significance in Local Economy, and Priorities for Cache County During Legislative Session

Cache County Executive David Zook shared his thoughts on KVNU’s For the People program during the County Hour. He expressed his appreciation for how elected officials in Utah are accessible and close to the people, partly because of the history of the caucus and convention system. This has made it so that officials feel a need to be responsive to the citizens.

Zook also mentioned a recent big economic study that was released. The Cache County Water District and other organizations commissioned this study some time ago. The study found that agriculture is still a significant element of the local economy, and it is heavily reliant on water. Although much of the economic activity is happening in Cache Valley, Zook explained that this impact is particularly significant when talking about economic activity in Cache Valley specifically.

The county has its priorities during the legislative session, including funding for transportation projects such as the South Valley corridor, an east-west connector between SR 89-91 and SR 165, as well as the West Cache corridor. Additionally, there are some projects aimed at benefiting the local community such as the new American Welcome Center and a new facility for Little Lambs.

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