Building Your Children’s Mental Health Skills: Why It Matters

Building Mental Health Skills: How Parents can Help their Kids Thrive.

Starting conversations about mental health with children can be uncomfortable for many parents, but experts emphasize the importance of these discussions for a child’s healthy development and well-being. Just as parents help their kids learn physical skills like walking and talking, they should also focus on building their child’s mental health skills.

Parents of young children can begin by acknowledging and validating their child’s emotions. Dr. Whitney Raglin Bignall, a pediatric psychologist with The Kids Mental Health Foundation, recommends starting these conversations early, being open and non-judgmental when discussing mental health with children. It’s important to pay attention to body language and facial expressions, listen without asking too many questions, and create a sense of connection and belonging.

For older kids, it’s never too late to start these conversations. Children today face unique challenges, and it’s crucial for parents to listen, be open, and provide ongoing support and guidance. While parents may not have all the answers, resources like The Kids Mental Health Foundation can offer advice on a variety of topics related to mental health.

Overall, having open and honest conversations about mental health with children can help them build the skills they need to navigate the complexities of the modern world. By starting early and maintaining a supportive dialogue, parents can help their children prioritize their mental health and well-being.

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