Is it possible for the Big Ten to surpass the SEC? UCLA to compensate Cal for leaving the Pac-12

Buckeye-Michigan Rivalry Takes Center Stage as Sports Experts Debate College Football Dominance and Conference Realignment

Dan Wetzel, Ross Dellenger, and SI’s Pat Forde recently discussed the comments made by Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith towards Michigan during a recent episode. The hosts debated whether there should be an asterisk next to the Buckeyes’ losses to Michigan in recent years. Wetzel also raised the question of whether the Big Ten could surpass the SEC in college football dominance, especially after Michigan’s success.

After a break, the hosts reacted to news that UCLA may need to pay $10 million to Cal over the next six years due to their departure from the Pac-12 to the Big Ten. Dellenger noted that this added expense limits the benefits for UCLA leaving the Pac-12. The conversation shifted to top 2025 recruit Julian Lewis visiting Indiana, a surprising destination. Forde speculated on how the Hoosiers could potentially attract more high-profile recruits.

The episode concluded with a story about a woman suing Cold Stone Creamery for falsely claiming their pistachio ice cream contained real pistachios. The hosts covered various topics throughout the episode, including parting shots between rival sports teams, financial implications of conference realignment, and unexpected recruiting visits. Be sure to follow Dan, Pat, and Ross on social media for more sports insights. You can watch full episodes on YouTube and listen to other Yahoo Sports podcasts on Apple Podcasts. This article may contain affiliate links that could result in earning a commission if you make a purchase.

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