Central Chamber of Commerce board responds to CEO’s social media feud with AKT

Broken Trust: Central Chamber of Commerce’s Urgent Call for Labor Market Reform Amid Industrial Tensions

The labor market is in a state of crisis, according to a rare statement from the Central Chamber of Commerce board on Monday. This statement comes after CEO Juho Romakkaniemi angered the AKT union with a message urging SAK members to resign from their union and join the General Unemployment Fund. In response, AKT chairman Ismo Kokko stated that the union would end its banking relationship with the OP group, where Romakkaniemi serves as CEO.

Despite no official decision having been made on terminating cooperation, tensions continued to rise between the parties. The Central Chamber of Commerce board emphasized the importance of respecting employees’ statutory right and freedom to organize or not as they wish. The organization highlighted the need for a culture of agreement in the future and expressed concern over ongoing industrial action measures affecting the Finnish economy.

CEO Ritakallio of OP group stressed the importance of finding a solution to the situation, emphasizing trust and economic growth in building a stable future for Finland. Despite social media disputes between Romakkaniemi and Kokko, the organization chose to focus on broader labor market issues at hand.

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