Fundraiser in Marquette County Raises Funds for Mental Health Support for First Responders

Breaking the Stigma: Fundraiser Raises Awareness for Mental Health of First Responders

The Negaunee VFW recently hosted a First Responder Night fundraiser to raise money for the mental health of first responders. The funds collected from the event will be donated to the Central U.P. Critical Incident Stress Management Support Group, which will use them to cover co-pays for therapy sessions, transportation costs, and training programs for first responders.

Jeff Green, a member of the support group, spoke about the importance of these funds in keeping their programs running smoothly. He emphasized that without them, they would not be able to properly assist first responders who are struggling with mental health issues. Green also encouraged any first responders who are facing mental health challenges to reach out for help.

The support group aims to provide assistance to first responders who have witnessed or been involved in traumatic events. They offer support and help when those who help need it most. The fundraiser was held in an effort to ensure that first responders have access to the mental health resources they need.

First responders often put others before themselves and may not seek help when they need it. However, it is important for them to prioritize their own mental well-being. With the support of groups like this one and events like this fundraiser, first responders can receive the care they need without feeling ashamed or alone.

Overall, this fundraiser was an important step in supporting the mental health of first responders in our community. By donating money and raising awareness about this issue, we can make sure that those who risk their lives every day receive the support they deserve.

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