El Futuro | Kermes celebrates Mother’s Day with a focus on mental health and self-care for moms at Community Fiesta

Breaking the Stigma: El Futuro Shines a Light on Mental Health in the Latino Community

In May, ABC11 is shining a light on mental health and its impact on various communities. One group that is often overlooked in these conversations are the Latino and Hispanic communities. Factors like immigration, trauma, and generational conflicts can contribute to a sense of silence around mental health in immigrant communities. Additionally, a lack of access to services due to language barriers further compounds this issue.

El Futuro, an organization based in the Triangle area, is working to bridge this gap by providing support to Spanish-speaking families. Luke Smith from El Futuro emphasized the importance of trust in the Latino community. He mentioned that neighbors and family members often refer individuals to El Futuro for help with mental health or substance abuse issues. By offering services in Spanish, the organization aims to make individuals feel more connected and supported.

Within the Latino and Hispanic community, there are unique stressors that individuals may face such as language barriers, feelings of isolation, missing family members, and experiencing discrimination in various settings. Smith highlighted the importance of inclusion and kindness in helping our newest neighbors feel welcomed and supported.

On Sunday May 19th El Futuro will be hosting a Kermes Mother’s Day Community Fiesta which will focus on mental health and self-care for mothers in the community. Attendees can expect live music, food

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