Event held by mental health experts in Butte County aims to eliminate stigma surrounding mental health

Breaking the Stigma: Butte County Hosts Community Event for Mental Health Awareness

On Wednesday afternoon, Butte County, California, came together to host a community event in Chico aimed at overcoming the stigma associated with mental health. Organized by Butte County Behavioral Health and Compassion Pathway Behavioral Health, the event was part of Mental Health Awareness Month and sought to raise awareness about mental health issues.

Compassion Pathway Behavioral Health runs board and care facilities in Chico, and Chico Police and Fire also showed their support by attending the event. Mental health experts emphasized the importance of the event in encouraging individuals to seek available resources. Dr. Ifeanyi Ezeani from Compassion Pathway Behavioral Health highlighted the significance of educating the community about mental health to better support those living with mental illnesses.

Butte County Behavioral Health director Scott Kennelly echoed this sentiment during the event. He shared information on how individuals interested in seeking mental health care or scheduling a screening can reach out for help. Kennelly mentioned that the county access line, (530) 891-2810, serves as both a resource for mental health care and a crisis line. By coming together at this event, Butte County hopes to spread awareness and support individuals struggling with mental health issues in the community.

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