Improved suicide prevention methods seek to enhance mental health across the country

Breaking the Stigma: A New Era for Suicide Prevention in the US

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and a new suicide prevention strategic plan has been released nationwide. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has introduced a 10-year plan that focuses on preventing suicides across the country. Locally, organizations are also using their resources to support individuals dealing with mental health challenges.

Emily Reidford, the vice president of community outreach and education at Easterseals, emphasizes the importance of not facing struggles alone. She encourages individuals to reach out for help and reassures them that support is available. Mobile crisis teams, local hotline numbers, and suicide prevention experts are resources that can provide assistance to those in need.

The national suicide prevention plan is designed in four parts. The first part focuses on building and sustaining suicide prevention efforts within communities. The second part aims to integrate suicide prevention services as a fundamental part of health care. The third part focuses on enhancing the quality, timeliness, and accessibility of services. Lastly, the plan seeks to expand effective programs to reach more individuals in need.

Reidford emphasizes the importance of access to mental health care and meeting individuals where they are in their journey. Having resources like crisis hotlines, mobile crisis units, and support groups can make a significant difference in providing help and support to those struggling with mental health concerns.

It is crucial for individuals to know that they are not alone and that recovery is possible

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