Michael Cohen admits in trial to lying for Trump and paying Stormy Daniels

Breaking: Michael Cohen Reveals Trump’s Secret Efforts to Keep Extramarital Relationships Hidden

Michael Cohen, the former lawyer and right-hand man of Donald Trump, has revealed in a criminal trial in New York that Trump insisted on keeping alleged extramarital relationships secret to protect his 2016 electoral campaign. Cohen explained that his role was to prevent these stories from being sold to outside sources, specifically with The National Enquirer using a tactic known as ‘catch and kill’ to acquire publishing rights but never actually publish the stories.

Cohen admitted to lying and intimidating others for Trump, including arranging payments to buy silence about these alleged affairs to protect Trump’s image. Witnesses have testified about the payments made to keep these relationships hidden. Cohen, who worked closely with Trump, has pleaded guilty to various crimes and is now a key witness in the trial attempting to prove that Trump was involved in these schemes.

The relationship between Cohen and Trump deteriorated after the Daniels scandal came to light, leading to public clashes between the two. Despite Cohen’s past actions and convictions, the prosecution is relying on his testimony and evidence to make their case against Trump. The trial is ongoing, and the outcome will have significant implications for Trump’s future political ambitions.

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