Insights from a Thomas Jefferson University Medical Student on the NFL Diversity in Sports Medicine Pipeline Initiative

Breaking Barriers: Meet Azra Dees, a Diverse Medical Student Selected for NFL Diversity in Sports Medicine Pipeline Initiative

Azra Dees, a fourth-year medical student at Thomas Jefferson University’s Sidney Kimmel Medical College, has been selected as one of only 30 students in the United States for the NFL Diversity in Sports Medicine Pipeline Initiative. She is thrilled about this initiative, which aims to encourage medical students from diverse backgrounds to pursue careers in sports medicine.

Dees recognizes the scarcity of medical professionals who look like her and believes that racial diversity is crucial for treating professional football players. As part of the program, she will be placed with the New York Jets for her training rotation. While she is an avid Philadelphia Eagles fan, she is excited about the opportunity to gain hands-on experience working in an NFL club setting.

What drew Dees to sports medicine was her own experiences in sports and dance. She hopes to use her passion for sports medicine to contribute to a more diverse representation within the industry. Dees understands that representation is critical for professional athletes and aims to make a difference by promoting diversity in sports medicine.

Stephanie Stahl is an Emmy Award-winning health reporter known for her regular appearances on CBS News Philadelphia and Philly57.

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