Dentons listed among top 10 global arbitration firms

Breaking Away from the Global Law Giant: The Independent Legal Services of Beijing Dacheng Law Offices, LLP

Beijing Dacheng Law Offices, LLP (“大成”) is a prominent law firm in China that operates independently from Dentons Group. Based in over 40 locations across the country, the firm serves as a Preferred Law Firm for Dentons in China and is not affiliated with the Swiss Verein.

Dentons Group is an international law firm with members and affiliates in more than 160 locations worldwide, including Hong Kong SAR, China. While the two firms are not directly connected, they both offer legal services in various locations and have their own distinct operations.

At Beijing Dacheng Law Offices, LLP, clients can expect to receive unique legal expertise and resources tailored to their specific needs. For more information on the services provided by this independent law firm, please visit their website at Similarly, Dentons Group provides its own set of legal services and resources for clients around the world. To learn more about this international law firm’s offerings, visit their website at

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