Brave Siberian Shipyard Workers Endure Freezing Temperatures

Braving the Frigid: The Courage of Yakutia’s Snow-Covered Shipyard Workers

In the frigid temperatures of Yakutia, Russia, a drone captures footage of workers laboring in subzero conditions at a snow-covered shipyard in the Far East. The workers are engaged in the process of ‘vymorozka,’ or ‘freezing out,’ repairs on hulking vessels during the harsh Siberian winter.

The ships are docked in the harbor of Yakutsk on the banks of the Lena River, Siberia’s economic lifeblood in summer, but during the winter months they become a challenge for even these seasoned workers. Locals in Yakutia consider ‘vymorozka’ to be one of the hardest jobs in the world, but the workers themselves say it’s all about perspective.

According to worker Mikhail Klus, dressing appropriately for the cold weather and coming into warm, heated buildings makes the job manageable. He believes that while it is a difficult job, there are even tougher jobs out there. The work requires stamina, strength and extreme precision as workers must be careful not to cut too quickly and break through to water below. The colder weather actually helps make this work smoother as ice freezes faster than warm water does. However, it can take its toll on some workers physically and mentally.

Despite these challenges and negative emotions that can arise from working in such extreme conditions, Artyom Kovalec knows he must push through and get a grip on himself to continue working. He is 22 years old and has been doing this job for three years now and says that he is used to dealing with difficult situations like these but still finds it hard sometimes to cope with how cold it is outside

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