Botetourt County Rotary Club contributes funds towards providing online mental health resources in schools

Botetourt County Schools Receive Generous Donation to Boost Mental Health Resources for Students and Parents

Botetourt County Public Schools have received a generous donation from the Botetourt County Rotary Club, which will be used to prioritize mental health resources for students and parents. The club presented a $3,000 check to the school system to assist with funding online mental health resources that are designed to support at-risk youth in the community.

Dr. Angie Anderson, a mental health professional and Rotary Club member, emphasized the importance of family involvement in mental health treatment. She noted that involving parents and families in the process is crucial for the success of interventions for children.

The online mental health resources offered by the school system are accessible and practical for parents and students. These resources include coaching services and answers to common mental health questions. The goal is to ensure that families have the tools and support they need to address mental health concerns effectively.

The collaboration between Botetourt County Public Schools and the Botetourt County Rotary Club underscores the community’s commitment to supporting mental health initiatives. By providing resources and funding for mental health services, the organizations are working together to promote well-being and awareness in the community.

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