The Treasury Processes 1,450 Statements per Minute at Start of Income Campaign: Public Urges Swift Release of Funds

Booming Income Tax Campaign Kicks Off with Unprecedented Efficiency and Accessibility: 2023 Return Figures and Features Highlight Technological Advancements in Declaring Income

The 2023 income tax campaign kicked off this Wednesday with a substantial presentation of returns by taxpayers. By 10 in the morning, over half a million documents had been presented, indicating that the Tax agency received an average of 1,450 statements per minute, which is an 11% increase compared to the previous year. According to the president of the organization, Soledad Fernández, individuals want to receive their money as soon as possible and knowing that the Tax Agency processes returns quickly, they waste no time in submitting their declarations.

One of the most significant figures this year is the introduction of a special plan for preparing and submitting income tax returns for individuals over 65 years of age residing in small municipalities. This plan will commence on May 7 with appointment requests accepted starting on April 29. It will cater to older residents in over 500 municipalities across the 46 provinces of the common territory.

Another notable feature is the issuance of notices related to online gaming and virtual currencies. The Tax Agency will issue 164,000 tax data notices related to online gaming and almost three times more notices related to virtual currencies due to increased information available on new virtual currency models.

In addition, there are significant figures such as rentals in other countries and property rentals with over 895,000 notices regarding rentals in other countries and almost nine hundred thousand notices related to property rentals. These figures indicate that individuals are taking advantage of technology and international markets to declare their income.

Overall, this campaign highlights the importance of complying with tax laws and declaring all sources of income accurately. With advanced technology and increased information available, it is easier than ever before for individuals to declare their income accurately and efficiently.

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