“Black Girls Cook: Exploring the Significance of Healthy Eating and Black Diaspora History” – NBC 6 South Florida

Black Girls Cook: Empowering African American Women through Healthy Eating and Cultural Education

Black Girls Cook is a unique organization that aims to improve the health of African American women in urban areas. The organization was founded by Nicole Mooney, who noticed that her community was more susceptible to health issues such as heart disease and diabetes. She recognized the potential for a healthier diet to improve their situation.

According to data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Black women are twice as likely as white women to be diagnosed with or die from Type 2 diabetes. Additionally, rates of high blood pressure, stroke, and heart disease are higher in Black women when compared to white women. This highlights the need for organizations like Black Girls Cook to empower and educate African American communities about healthy eating habits.

For the past ten years, Black Girls Cook has been inspiring young girls aged 8-15 through culinary arts and urban farming while incorporating lessons about Black Diaspora cultural histories and food practices. The organization’s recipes offer insights into the importance of these foods to their community and break down stereotypes surrounding healthy eating among African Americans.

As part of their celebration of Black History Month, Black Girls Cook has partnered with The Miami Dade Library System to host a series of cooking classes that focus on the significant contributions of the Black community to the world of food. Participants will learn how to make a rotisserie chicken and watermelon salad while exploring these important historical facts.

The Kelly Clarkson Show is also highlighting remarkable individuals who are making positive impacts in the African American community during this month-long celebration. By focusing on both education and entertainment, these organizations are working together to promote healthier lifestyles and celebrate the rich history and culture of African Americans in America today.

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