Bidwell Junior Higher College seventh-graders, from left, Jaymes Mann, Nayeli Vierra, Aubry Galloway and Lillian Fabian paint their answers to “What would make our college superior?” at the school’s Well being and Wellness Fair in Chico, California on Thursday, April six, 2023. (Ed Booth/Enterprise-Record)

CHICO — In a time that must be complete of fantastic occasions and pleasant association with buddies, even the early teen years can bring about mental well being challenges. How, then, does a young student differentiate amongst “hormonal changes” and wild emotional swings, and genuine mental well being troubles?

That was a single of the ambitions of the Bidwell Junior Higher School’s Well being and Wellness Fair, held on the Bidwell campus at 2376 North Ave. Thursday. It was the fourth operating of the occasion, which focused on the school’s seventh-graders — around 300 of them.

  • Alina Thao, ideal, explains to fellow Bidwell Junior Higher College students methods they can use to cut down strain, even though classmate Shania Thao, left, appears on, in Chico, California on Thursday, April six, 2023. (Ed Booth/Enterprise-Record)

  • Stonewall Alliance exhibitor Shannon Gray, left, explains her organization’s solutions and sources to seventh-graders Josue Rangel, far ideal, and Louie Veteto-Ramirez at the Bidwell Junior Higher College Well being and Wellness Fair in Chico, California on Thursday, April six, 2023. (Ed Booth/Enterprise-Record)

  • Chico Police Division college resource officer Jamie McElhinney, left, discusses the dangers of vaping with Bidwell Junior Higher College seventh-grader Zayd Mohiuddin, ideal, in Chico, California on Thursday, April six, 2023. College resource officer Jordan Saldano, seated, listens in. (Ed Booth/Enterprise-Record)

Rhiannon Besser, who operates for Butte County Behavioral Well being and also aids operate Bidwell’s Club Reside, which hosted the occasion, mentioned, “This project operates to assist the neighborhood organizations superior fully grasp the struggles and challenges related with becoming a young individual in Chico.”

For the college and its students, the fair “offers an chance to find out and have conversations with outdoors organizations about mental well being and substances such as tobacco,” she mentioned.

Zoe Brisbine, a Bidwell eighth-grader and a single of the Well being and Wellness Fair’s coordinators, mentioned throughout its second hour that the occasion was currently shaping up to be a accomplishment.

“If every person has a fantastic time and every person learns some thing,” it would be a accomplishment, Brisbine mentioned.

It definitely appeared that the student attendees had been enjoying themselves as they moved from table to table, going to every single of the 17 exhibitors in a field behind the college. Neighborhood organizations such as Catalyst, Enloe Healthcare Center, the 6th Street Center for Youth, and Stonewall Alliance joined law enforcement agencies, such as the Chico Police Division and the California Highway Patrol, in supplying help and assist for these looking for it. Six student groups from Bidwell also had tables.

Stonewall representative Shannon Gray greeted students as they visited her table, explaining that Stonewall gives “equitable help for the LGBTQ community” and supports students’ rights in stopping discrimination of any type. She had a wide variety of supplies students could take, providing them access to sources out there to them.

Chico Police Division college resource officers Jordan Saldano and Jamie McElhinney operated a show displaying a wide wide variety of “vaping” devices, products which provide a nicotine punch to the user in the type of flavored and scented “vapor,” as an alternative of standard cigarette smoke. McElhinney explained to students some of the techniques suppliers use to lure youthful customers to attempt the goods, then get them hooked.

Saldano mentioned the part of the college resource officer is to cut down apprehension young folks might have about law enforcement.

“Our key objective is to be constructive part models for the kids” even though becoming familiar faces on campus, he mentioned.

“We’re assigned to precise schools and we attempt to connect with the children,” McElhinney added.

Shania Thao and Alina Thao, each eighth-graders, occupied a booth for the California Junior Scholarship Federation and had an impressive show outlining the causes of student strain along with approaches to address it.

“We want them to know what causes strain, and how to deal with it just before it becomes negative,” Alina mentioned.

Ben Donnelley, an additional Bidwell eighth-grader and a Club Reside member, helped coordinate the fair. He mentioned the organizational approach took 3 weeks.

“We’re raising awareness about mental well being,” he mentioned, adding that he’s a educated responder who can assist any fellow student who’s possessing a mental well being crisis on campus.

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