Biden lays out conditions for Netanyahu as tension rises between US and Israel after attack on Rafah

Biden and Netanyahu Discuss Urgent Humanitarian Assistance in Gaza During Tense Phone Call Amid Growing Differences on War

US President Joe Biden recently had a phone call with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss the ongoing military operation in Rafah. During the call, Biden expressed concerns about the safety and support of over a million people taking refuge there, emphasizing the need for a credible and executable plan to ensure their well-being. He also urged Netanyahu to take urgent and specific measures to increase humanitarian assistance to innocent Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

The conversation between the two leaders took place at a critical juncture, with reports indicating that Biden and his administration are growing increasingly distant from Netanyahu on the war in Gaza. There is now a significant divide between the United States and Israel, particularly regarding the potential operation in Rafah.

In response to growing concerns, Netanyahu has stated that Israeli forces are working on a plan to create safe passage for Palestinian civilians to leave Rafah. He has also emphasized that victory requires Israeli security control and responsibility over the entire area west of the Jordan River, including the Gaza Strip. Despite these challenges, Netanyahu remains optimistic about the potential for victory and the demilitarization of the Strip, stating that it is a difficult battle but one that they are winning. He also affirmed that Israeli security control will always be present and that if necessary, there will be a presence within Gaza.

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