Trump urges Russia to invade NATO countries

Biden administration condemns Trump’s NATO sabotage, reaffirms commitment to military alliance

The White House has condemned the Trump administration’s actions that undermined NATO’s unity and stability. According to Andrew Bates, the Biden administration’s leadership has strengthened NATO into its most vital state in history. The US defense budget is a top priority for American nationalism, global stability, and domestic economy.

While in office, Trump pushed NATO countries to meet their obligation of allocating at least 2% of their GDP for defense budgets and accused them of taking advantage of American defense and taxpayers’ money. Despite not taking any concrete steps against NATO during his presidency, European countries have called for strengthening the military dimension of the European Union as a backup plan if they lose American support.

During his rally, Trump came out against foreign aid budget proposals that include $14.1 billion in security aid to Israel and $60.1 billion to Ukraine. At his direction, Republicans have blocked the approval of aid on the grounds that they want the Biden administration to toughen measures against illegal immigration at the Mexican border, even though a bipartisan proposal has been drawn up in the Senate.

Congress approved a section of the defense budget in December that states that a president cannot order a withdrawal from NATO without a two-thirds majority in the Senate. However, commentators have warned that this may not be enough to prevent future attempts by Trump or other politicians to undermine American commitment to NATO if they are re-elected or if Congress does not take strong action against them.

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