Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, sells $2 billion in shares

Bezos Sells $2 Billion in Amazon Shares, Maintains Majority Stake Amidst Financial Success

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos sold 12 million shares worth around $2 billion in the online retail giant, or 1.8 billion euros according to a stock exchange document sent on Friday. This sale took place on Wednesday and Thursday, with Bezos selling each share at a price ranging between $168 and $171, or between 152 and 155 euros.

This is Bezos’s first stock sale since 2021, despite this week’s sale, he still owns more than 9% of Amazon. Another market document reported that Bezos intends to sell 50 million shares by July, with the market value of these shares being 8.4 billion dollars or 7.63 billion euros.

Forbes estimates Bezos’s fortune at around 195.5 billion dollars, making him the third richest man on the planet. Amazon’s financial results far exceeded expectations, with a turnover of $170 billion and net profit of $10.6 billion in addition to other topics listed in the original content such as security equipment installation services, online gambling and automobile sales.

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