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Beyond Back Surgery: Renato Viola Finds Relief with Revision Spine Surgery”.

The United States sees over a million and a half people undergo back surgery each year, but the high failure rate of classic back surgery has led to what is known as “Failed Back Surgery Syndrome.” Some individuals are turning to revision surgery as a potential solution to their ongoing back pain struggles.

One such individual is Renato Viola, a renowned pizza chef and owner of 13 pizza shops nationwide, who experienced chronic back pain for most of his life. Despite trying various treatments, surgery became a last resort for his herniated disc pain. Unfortunately, Renato fell into the category of patients for whom the initial surgery did not provide relief. Orthopedic spine surgeon Dr. Georgiy Brusovanik specializes in revision back surgeries and was able to identify the cause of Renato’s ongoing pain as a large part of the disc compressing a nerve in his spinal canal.

Dr. Brusovanik performed a minimally-invasive micro discectomy as a revision procedure for Renato, successfully removing the problematic disc fragment and restoring his comfort. Following the revision surgery, Renato was able to return to work in the kitchen without the constant pain that had plagued him for years. Dr. Brusovanik emphasizes the importance of patients proactively discussing their back pain concerns with their doctors, ensuring they ask about the root cause of the pain, the doctor’s experience with similar cases, and seeking a second opinion if necessary.

Revision surgeries have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their lower risk compared to traditional surgeries and shorter recovery time. Additionally, these procedures are often more effective at relieving chronic back pain than initial surgeries.

If you are experiencing chronic back pain and considering surgical intervention, it is important to research different options and consult with an experienced orthopedic spine surgeon before making any decisions. They can help identify the root cause of your pain and determine which surgical procedure will be most effective in alleviating your symptoms.

Overall, while classic back surgery may not always be successful in relieving chronic pain, there are other options available such as revision surgeries that may be more effective or appropriate for certain individuals. It is important to discuss these options with your healthcare provider before making any decisions about your treatment plan.

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