Belle II resumes operations at CERN

Belle II Successfully Begins Second Run with First e+e- Collision in February 2023

The Belle II detector at SuperKEKB in Japan has recorded its first e+e- collisions on 20 February after a scheduled long shutdown that began in summer 2022. During this shutdown, several upgrades were made to the facility to better handle the expected increases in luminosity and backgrounds originating from the beams. This included installing a new vertex detector with a fully implemented pixel detector and an improved beam pipe at the collision point. Additionally, enhancements were made to the radiation shielding around the detector and other measures were implemented to improve data-collection performance.

The Belle II experiment, which first recorded collisions in the fully instrumented detector in March 2019, aims to uncover new phenomena through precise analysis of the properties of B mesons and other particles produced by the SuperKEKB accelerator. The long-term goal of Belle II is to accumulate a dataset that is 50 times larger than that of the former Belle experiment. This ambitious goal will allow researchers to delve deeper into the mysteries of particle physics and potentially discover new physics beyond the Standard Model.

Overall, the successful start of Run 2 at Belle II marks an important milestone in the ongoing research efforts at the facility. With

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