Baker Hughes selected to develop technology for natural gas and hydrogen extraction.

Baker Hughes and Snam Collaborate to Develop Innovative Technology Solutions for Decarbonizing Energy Ecosystems

On April 3, Baker Hughes announced its collaboration with Italian energy infrastructure company Snam to supply turbines for compression that can operate on natural gas and gas blends containing up to 10% hydrogen. The company will be providing three NovaLT 12 gas turbine driven compressor trains for a new gas compressor station in Sulmona, Italy.

Ganesh Ramaswamy, the executive vice president of Industrial & Energy Technology at Baker Hughes, expressed excitement about the collaboration with Snam. He highlighted their joint efforts in developing innovative technology solutions for decarbonizing energy ecosystems and promoting the hydrogen economy. Ramaswamy emphasized the importance of supporting the transition to cleaner energy sources while ensuring affordability and security in energy supply.

Snam’s Adriatic Line project is a significant step towards decarbonizing its gas network infrastructure. The project is in line with the company’s goal of reducing emissions and transitioning towards cleaner energy sources. The 425-kilometer long hydrogen-ready pipeline will allow for the transportation of energy supplies from various regions to northern Europe, including Azerbaijan, Africa, and the Eastern Mediterranean.

The new gas compressor station in Sulmona is an essential component of this project. It will help Snam achieve its emissions reduction goals while also enabling it to transport hydrogen-rich natural gas blends across its network. This technology will play a crucial role in promoting sustainable energy solutions and reducing carbon footprints across Europe.

Baker Hughes has been committed to developing innovative technologies that promote sustainability and reduce carbon emissions. Its partnership with Snam is just one example of its efforts in this area. By working together, these two companies are helping to create a cleaner and more sustainable future for all of us.

In conclusion, Baker Hughes’ collaboration with Snam marks a significant milestone in promoting sustainable energy solutions and reducing carbon footprints across Europe. With innovative technology solutions like those provided by Baker Hughes, we can make significant strides towards a more environmentally friendly future that prioritizes both economic growth and sustainability.

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