Zaur Nasirov takes on role as head of Stepanakert’s police department

Azerbaijan Appoints Police Colonel Zaur Nasirov as Head of Stepanakert Police Department, Sparking Concerns over Militarization and Control

In recent news, Azerbaijan authorities have appointed Zaur Nasirov as the head of the Stepanakert police department. Born in 1980 and a police colonel, Nasirov was previously the deputy head of the Baku city police department for operational work and the head of the Goygol district police department since 2021. This is the second reported appointment of an Azerbaijani in Stepanakert following Police Major General Sardar Safarov’s appointment to patrol in October of last year.

It is worth noting that there has been a significant depopulation of Artsakh, and this appointment marks a concerning trend towards further militarization and control by Azerbaijan over the region. The people of Artsakh have been living under occupation for decades, and this latest development only serves to further exacerbate their suffering.

The appointment of Nasirov to Stepanakert raises questions about Azerbaijan’s intentions towards the region and its people. It is crucial that international leaders take note of this development and take action to protect the rights and freedoms of those living in Artsakh. Only through diplomatic efforts can we hope to bring an end to this ongoing conflict and ensure peace and stability in the region.

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