Austria’s Artificial Intelligence Development Lags Behind

Awakening to the Future: Preparing for AI’s Revolutionary Impact on Society

The world is rapidly changing, and the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on all aspects of life cannot be ignored. According to Hannes Androsch, an industrialist and former chair of the Research Council in Austria, it’s crucial that we prepare for this shift in our society. Despite some exaggerated buzz surrounding the topic, Androsch emphasizes the importance of preparing for the future influence of AI.

Androsch notes that Europe lags behind the United States and China in this area, highlighting the need for increased research and training efforts to catch up. He also criticizes the lack of support for schools and research spending in Austria. Sepp Hochreiter, a co-founder of NXAI, has raised concerns about the slow provision of funds in Austria, particularly in rapidly evolving AI technologies.

Clemens Wasner, a member of the AI Austria board, stresses that AI technologies are evolving at an unprecedented pace. He urges Austria to prioritize its future-promoting economic policies, particularly in areas such as innovation and technology.

Androsch calls for a shift in economic policy towards supporting innovations and technologies like AI, microelectronics, and biotechnology. He criticizes current policies that focus on structural maintenance and expresses skepticism about their potential for improvement in the near future.

In summary, while there is some hype surrounding AI’s impact on society, we must take decisive steps to prepare ourselves for its inevitable influence. This includes investing more in research and training efforts and prioritizing future-focused economic policies to catch up with global leaders in innovation and technology.

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