Mexico Dominates Avocado Supply to the US Market

Avocado Market Shifts: Mexico’s Dominance in US Avocado Imports Slips, While Peru and Others Make Gains

In 2023, the US imported a record amount of avocados, with Mexico remaining the dominant supplier. The market is highly competitive, and while some countries have seen fluctuations in their exports to the US, Mexico has maintained its strong position.

Since the beginning of the last decade when the avocado boom began, 90 percent of avocado purchases in the US came from Mexico. However, by 2023, Mexico’s dominance had been reduced to 84 percent, with Latin American countries reaching a 16 percent share of the US market. Despite this reduction in market share, Mexico still accounts for 91 percent of the value of avocado exports to the US.

In 2023, Peru saw a significant increase in its avocado exports to the US, but this growth was not sustained and they fell by 39 percent by 2023. The only other country that increased its exports was the Dominican Republic. New Zealand, Mongolia, and Jamaica also sold small quantities of avocados to the US in 2023.

According to USDA data, in 2023 the US imported a total of 1,261,000 tons of avocados, with 1,124

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