Jim Wesson’s March 31 column continued his desires for equitable well being care, irrespective of whether it be a proper or a privilege, by providing regional enable for the uninsured. Rest assured he is not the only a single beating the drum addressing this ongoing, vexing issue. For instance:

1. Nationally a group of medical doctors, frustrated with the not possible, inequitable maze of well being care administration, formed Physicians for a National Well being System. PNHP is a single concern organization advocating a universal complete single-payer national well being system. Its membership has swollen to 20,000 and developing.

two. Locally a San Antonio start out-up referred to as LASO offers small business consumers a conduit to receive well being care on-demand, providing Urgent, Major and Behavioral Well being and Teen Therapy Solutions for a smaller month-to-month charge. LASO is not well being insurance coverage, charges no pay a visit to charges but offers nationwide virtual care. It can also enable lessen medicine rates. LASO’s solutions are so encompassing that organizations as large as WalMart have enrolled its personnel into its program.

For far more details, pay a visit to these organizations’ internet websites.

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