A Rogue Ballistic Missile Spills Fuel as it Travels

Astrobotic’s Moon Landing Mission Struggles with Setbacks and Controversy

Astrobotic’s lander is continuing its journey towards the moon, despite setbacks such as fuel loss from an explosion at the beginning of the journey. The company’s Peregrine robot has been stable and functional, with engineers working to extend its life expectancy. Although it may not be capable of a controlled landing, it has successfully snapped pictures and operated scientific equipment during its journey.

The lander has been operational in space for over four days, with scientists using equipment supplied by the US, German and Mexican space administrations to gather valuable data. Astrobotic is the third private player to fail in a government bid, but they have an opportunity in November with their Griffin lander carrying NASA’s Viper rover to the Moon’s south pole.

The intended destination of the lander remains unclear, leading to speculation from space enthusiasts and amateur astronomers. The leaking fuel may cause the ship to change course, and there is controversy surrounding the cargo being transported by the lander. It includes the ashes and DNA of several people, which has angered some indigenous populations like Navajos who are upset about leaving their ancestors on another planet.

There are concerns about the environmental impact of leaving material on the surface of the Moon, as humanity has left approximately 180 tons of material on its surface since 1959. With so much uncertainty surrounding this mission, it will be interesting to see where this lander ends up and what impact it will have on lunar exploration.

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