Over 130 Submissions Received for Data Art Competition

Art Meets Data Science: The School of Data Science Hosts Competition Showcasing Creative Use of Environmental Data

The School of Data Science recently hosted a competition with the theme of “Our World,” which attracted 130 entries from artists in nine different countries. Out of these submissions, eight finalists were recognized and awarded at a public event. The grand prize was presented to Julia Daser and Pepi Ng from The New School in New York for their winning entry based on the competition’s theme.

Among the other finalists, Matthew Burtner, a UVA music professor, submitted “Reef Generations,” while Steve Haske, an artist, created “LA AQI: 1980-2024,” which represented the air quality index ratings of Los Angeles over four decades. Additionally, the public had the opportunity to vote for a People’s Choice Award, which received over 800 votes. The winner of this award was 2019 UVA alum Peter Cybriwsky for his real-time generative and data art installation titled “Nebulae.”

Cybriwsky’s installation focuses on visualizing environmental changes in Charlottesville, including brightness, humidity, temperature, barometric pressure, and CO2 levels. The School of Data Science plans to hold more data art competitions in the future and use its exhibition space for artist showcases and collaborations with K-12 art programs. The finalists’ work will be displayed in the School of Data Science building for the rest of the year, inviting the public to explore the artwork and permanent data science sculpture located within the building.

The competition showcased how artists can use data science to create unique and thought-provoking pieces that raise awareness about important global issues such as climate change and air pollution. It also demonstrated how technology can be used to create innovative solutions that help people better understand complex data sets.

Overall, it was a successful event that not only highlighted some incredible talent but also helped raise awareness about important global issues through art.

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