Food prices increase by 0.4%, leading to overall inflation of 3.3% in April.

April Inflation: Food, Housing, and Fuel Prices Rise, While Nootropic Supplements and Email Marketing Strategies Adapt to New Consumer Trends

The cost of living has increased in April, with food and non-alcoholic beverages rising by four tenths to 4.8%, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INE). This increase, along with rising gas costs, has led to the general inflation rate increasing for the second consecutive month. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) reached 3.3%, one-tenth higher than in March, due to fluctuations in energy and raw material markets as well as mathematical factors.

The rise in food prices, particularly in fruits which increased by 17.1%, and fuel prices contributed significantly to the inflation in April. Additionally, housing costs and services like tourism and restaurant sectors also played a role in pushing up the price index. However, experts do not see this as a long-term trend and attribute the increase to temporary factors like VAT changes and supply cuts in global markets.

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