You Can Now Control Your iPhone and iPad Using Your Eyes with Apple’s New Feature

Apple Embraces Inclusive Design with Eye Tracking, Music Haptics and More: A Look at Their Latest Accessibility Updates

Apple is committed to inclusive design and accessibility, as demonstrated by its recent updates for Global Disability Awareness Day. One of the key updates is Eye Tracking technology, which will allow users to control their iPhones and iPads by tracking their eye movements. This feature is specifically designed for individuals with physical disabilities and will be released later this year.

Users can navigate their devices using Dwell Control, which monitors eye movements to execute various commands. In addition to Eye Tracking, Apple also introduced Music Haptics, a new music experience for users who are deaf or hard of hearing. This feature utilizes taps and vibrations to enhance the music listening experience.

Other updates include features for individuals with speech conditions, such as Vocal Shortcuts and Listen for Atypical Speech. These features aim to improve accessibility for users who may have difficulty using traditional speech recognition technology. Apple also introduced Vehicle Motion Cues, which can help alleviate motion sickness by providing visual cues indicating the direction of movement.

These updates showcase Apple’s ongoing commitment to accessibility and inclusion in all its products, emphasizing that accessibility is a core element of the company’s hardware and software. CEO Tim Cook reiterated this commitment during his announcement of these updates, stating that Apple is dedicated to creating products that are accessible to everyone regardless of their abilities.

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