Nurse from Sanford retires after dedicated 60-year career

An LPN’s 60-Year Run at Sanford Luverne: Building Bonds and Mentoring the Next Generation

For 60 years, Carol Wieneke has been an LPN at Sanford Luverne, building a strong bond with her colleagues and patients. Her niche is people and she genuinely cares about the well-being of everyone around her.

Over the past six decades, she has gone through lulls but has chosen to find joy in the simple moments and in her work. She believes that if you don’t enjoy your work, you don’t do good work. Wieneke’s colleague Vicki Nelson retired after 44 years and they had built a deep friendship over their time at Sanford Luverne.

As she prepares to retire, Wieneke plans to stop by to volunteer at the hospital and just check in with everyone from time to time. Her fellow LPN Cheryl Groen believes that even though they won’t be co-workers anymore, they will always be friends.

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