Report: Giuliani Complains to Friends About Feeling Trapped in a ‘Nightmare World’

America’s Mayor Faces Legal and Financial Woes: Giuliani Files for Bankruptcy in Wake of Defamation Lawsuit

Giuliani, the former Trump lawyer and once known as America’s mayor, is currently facing a difficult situation of his own creation. He filed for bankruptcy after a jury verdict found him liable for $148 million in damages for defaming two Georgia election workers. In addition to this, he is also facing a series of legal challenges, including the Fulton County racketeering case where he is named as a co-defendant alongside his former boss.

According to reports from the New York Post, Giuliani has been confiding in friends about the “nightmare world” he finds himself in. During a recent fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago for a Republican congressional candidate, he was reportedly overheard expressing disbelief at his current circumstances. The Post’s source mentioned that there have been numerous fundraisers at the Florida estate, with multiple events sometimes taking place in one night.

Giuliani has not responded to requests for comment from the Post, but may be hopeful that one of these events will eventually be in his honor. Despite his current challenges, he continues to navigate the legal battles he faces as he tries to move forward.

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