Hundreds of Employees in Amazon’s Cloud Division Are Being Laid Off

Amazon Web Services: Streamlining Operations and Focusing on Growth through Layoffs

In recent news, Amazon is set to lay off hundreds of employees in its cloud division, according to emails obtained by Business Insider. This round of job cuts follows Amazon’s recent elimination of around 160 advertising roles, marking another round of layoffs this year.

The latest job cuts will affect employees in Amazon Web Services specifically in sales, marketing and Global Services. Matt Garman, the SVP of sales and marketing at AWS, confirmed that several hundred roles would be reduced to streamline operations and focus on strategic areas with maximum impact. An AWS spokesperson also confirmed the job cuts, stating that the decisions were made to optimize resources and deliver innovation for customers.

Despite these difficult times, Amazon is committed to supporting employees in transitioning to new roles both within and outside the company. The layoffs are part of a larger cost-cutting campaign at Amazon which has also led to job cuts in other units such as Prime Video and healthcare earlier this year. Reports suggest that Amazon has been placing more employees on performance-improvement plans as they carry out mass layoffs across different divisions of the company.

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