Amazon is discontinuing the Just Walk Out technology at its Fresh grocery stores in the US.

Amazon Replaces Just Walk Out with Smart Cart Technology in Select Amazon Fresh Stores: Balancing Convenience and Transparency for Customers

Amazon is making changes to its Amazon Fresh stores by replacing the Just Walk Out technology with smart carts that allow customers to skip the checkout line while seeing their spending in real time. This decision was prompted by feedback from customers who wanted the convenience of skipping the checkout line, but also wanted to be able to track their spending and see their receipts in real time.

The new smart carts will offer customers these benefits, as well as the convenience of bypassing the checkout line. Amazon operates numerous Fresh grocery stores across the United States, with a concentration in states like California, Illinois, Virginia, and Washington. In addition to Fresh stores, Amazon owns Whole Foods, as well as Amazon Go cashier-free convenience stores. Despite initial predictions that Amazon would disrupt the grocery market, the company has faced challenges in finding a successful formula for its grocery business.

In an effort to revamp its grocery chain, Amazon has been selectively opening new Fresh stores and remodeling existing ones. Some Amazon Fresh and Go stores have been shut down due to underperformance, and the company is focusing on refining its approach to physical grocery stores. The Just Walk Out technology will still be available in Amazon Go stores and some smaller Amazon Fresh stores in the U.K., as well as being offered to third-party retailers.

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