Amazon abandons ‘Just Walk Out’ technology due to ongoing problems

Amazon Ditches Self-Checkout System in US Grocery Stores due to Privacy and Security Concerns

The decision by Amazon to remove its “Just Walk Out” technology from its Fresh grocery stores across the United States comes after a series of issues that have plagued the self-checkout system. These problems include a multitude of cameras, sensors, and human eyeballs that are required for the system to function properly.

Despite being touted as a cashier-less system, reports indicate that more than 1,000 real people in India were scanning the camera feeds to ensure that all patrons were accurately checking out. This raises concerns about data privacy and security, as well as potential legal issues related to biometric identifier information collection.

In addition to these challenges, Amazon faced legal action in New York over allegations that it was collecting biometric identifier information without properly disclosing this practice to consumers. This violated the state’s Biometric Identifier Information Law and led to a class action lawsuit against the company.

Due to these issues and more, Amazon has decided to remove the Just Walk Out technology from its Fresh grocery stores, which were only present in half of the total amount of Amazon Fresh stores in the US. The company is now focusing on alternative solutions for automated checkout systems that are more reliable and secure while respecting consumer privacy rights.

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