Chegg is an American corporation that offers solutions to students. These solutions contain physical and digital textbook rentals, support with homework, tutoring and extra. The NYSE-listed corporation is now launching a new study help computer software referred to as CheggMate, which will present customized study guides and practice tests to students, working with the energy of artificial intelligence (AI). The underlying technologies of CheggMate is GPT-four which has been created by OpenAI and also powers the paid version of the ChatGPT. 

The corporation claims that the computer software is made to adapt to students by processing information on the classes they are taking and the exam inquiries they have missed, supplying targeted assistance to support them accomplish their targets.

The new CheggMate computer software will be focusing on math and science, according to a report by Reuters. In order to stay clear of getting misused like ChatGPT, CheggMate creators claim that it has been made to limit evaluations of answers to existing exam inquiries.

Chegg’s CEO, Dan Rosensweig, has described CheggMate as a “tutor in your pocket,” which will allow students to get the customized assistance they want to succeed. The computer software will be out there for absolutely free initially, and Chegg expects it to lessen content material fees and enhance profitability more than time.

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On the other hand, the platform ChatGPT has been facing flak for unregulated use by students. Final year, the launch of ChatGPT led to some schools banning access to the chatbot, out of concern that it could be utilised to plagiarize coursework. CheggMate plans to tackle the challenge by focusing on math and science.

CheggMate is not the only educator that is attempting to incorporate the energy of AI to enhance their scale and efficiency. Khan Academy was also a single of the very first on the net education web-sites that incorporated the most current GPT-four technologies to derive personalised experiences for students.

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