Rochester City Announces Survey on Youth Mental Health

Addressing Teenage Mental Health: Rochester’s Proactive Initiative Launches Community Survey and Peer-Led Workshops

The city of Rochester is taking a proactive step towards promoting youth mental health with the launch of a new initiative. The program aims to address the negative trends that are impacting the mental well-being of teenagers in the city. It all starts with a community survey that asks questions about various factors affecting a person’s overall well-being, including safety at home, in school, and in the neighborhood, as well as eating habits and housing reliability.

Issac Bliss, manager of youth services in the city’s Department of Recreation and Human Services, explains that after identifying areas of concern through the survey, the initiative will transition into its next phase. The survey will be live for a couple of weeks, and the information gathered will be used to organize peer-led workshops focusing on the key areas of concern identified in the survey responses. These workshops will be led by teens who are part of the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council, also known as Youth Voice One Vision.

Sarah Adams, a youth activist and council member, emphasizes the importance of youth involvement in this initiative. She encourages all city youth to participate in the survey and contribute to improving their own mental health. The peer-to-peer mental health program is a collaboration between the city government and the Ralph C. Wilson Foundation, with this summer serving as a soft launch and next year as the full rollout.

Mayor Malik Evans expressed his significance about this initiative by stating that youth mental health is a crucial conversation for the community to have. He highlighted how vital it is for youth to shape a brighter future for themselves and their community. The survey is currently available on the city of Rochester’s website, and everyone from teens to parents, recreation center staff to teachers is encouraged to complete it.

The initiative aims to provide young people with valuable tools and resources that will help them navigate life’s challenges more effectively while promoting positive mental health outcomes for themselves and their peers.

In conclusion, Rochester has taken an important step towards addressing teenage mental health issues by launching this initiative aimed at promoting positive mental health outcomes among young people. With peer-led workshops organized by teenagers who are part of Youth Voice One Vision leading these initiatives can prove successful in creating long term change within our communities.

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