SUV Collides with Business, Causing Damage to Waiting Room Near Boca Raton’s West Side

A Terrifying Accident Near CR8 Health: No Injuries Reported, But Owner Relieved it Happened During Weekend Hours

An SUV crashed into CR8 Health, a weight loss and aesthetic medical business located at the 8200 block of Glades Road, west of Florida Turnpike. At the time of the accident, which occurred at 4:35 p.m. on Saturday, the business was closed for the weekend. Dr. Jonathan M. Fields, the owner of CR8 Health, identified the driver as an 80-year-old woman with a male passenger.

Dr. Fields expressed relief that no one was injured in the crash, but he stated that it was still a scare for him and anyone passing by who witnessed it. He described the potential danger during business hours, considering the usual presence of people in the area. According to Dr. Fields, CR8 Health has been located in the shopping plaza for a year and a half, making this incident a significant setback for his business.

The waiting room of CR8 Health was destroyed in the incident and caused a considerable amount of damage to be valued in “tens of thousands of dollars.” The security footage from inside CR8 Health revealed a man involved in the crash, but fortunately, there were no injuries reported during this incident that would have endangered anyone’s life or health concerns related to COVID-19 protocols or procedures set by Dr. Fields’ practice as it is an aesthetic medical practice that performs surgeries and non-invasive treatments to help people lose weight and improve their appearance .

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